I’ve had SUCH a great weekend with mommy and daddy! Daddy’s been takin’ really good care of me :) He picks me up to put me on the king-sized bed and he picks me up and places me on the ground. He’s been really worried about me because I limp sometimes on my hind leg. Those big jumps are hard on a stubby puggle like me! I got to sleep in three days in a row! Mommy and daddy and I slept until about 11am for 2 days! I enjoyed it while I could as they are committing to getting up earlier from now on. I’ll still sleep late, though! BOL!

Last night we went on a really long car ride around town–so much fun! Everything was so green and beautiful and there were so many people out and pretty lights everywhere! Momma let me put my head out the window and my ears and tongue flapped gracefully in the wind! It was really beautiful. Mom wanted to get a pic of me, but it was too difficult to hold me back (so I didn’t jump out the window!) and take a picture at the same time.

After our car ride, we ended up going to see their hooman friends. They have a two-legged baby and a four-legged baby. The 4-legger is a German Shepard! I’m not scared of it one bit :) I pride myself on how not scared I am! That dog doesn’t really like me too much though! Stared me down like you wouldn’t believe! I only had to hide behind mom and dad a couple times…

Today will be a lazy Sunday. I’m just gettin’ ready for my nap in the office on my black leather chair now.

#pughug #pugglehug and smoochies to all! Love all you anipals!

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