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Hello all pug, puggles, and other anipals! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve d-logged! BOL! My anipals and I are doing “Secret Santa!” $15 gift limit (including shipping). If you are interested in participating, please let me know! Also, if anyone has a cute Christmas picture of your puggle, please send it to me so I can post it with this entry!

Thanks goes out to @Kristense @PugglesTXRanger @PugglePreston @NIKKIDONS for your donations and support! Us pugs/puggles gotta stick together and help one another when we can :)

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Here’s a message from my pug friend Boo Bear from Facebook:

Hi, this little guy was hit by a car on November 13th, 2009. His owners have not come for him yet and he is now being cared for at a near by animal clinic. Mom and I went and met him and visited him and told him people all over the world are praying and pulling for him!
Our Midwest Rescue group has decided to step up a…nd take on medical costs so this little guy can live a full, happy, healthy life. He needs an emergency surgery by Monday or Tuesday to repair his shattered pelvis. If you would like to donate to help SAVE him, please do so by linking on this site: Even if you can’t donate, any and ALL prayers and thoughts are MUCH appreciated by Ace and by mom and ME! XOXO

Poor Ace the Pug!

Poor Ace the Pug!

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cute pumpkin puggle

I am SO excited! I am now part of the Chicagoland Puggle Meetup Group! I can’t WAIT to go meet other puggles and puggle-hoomans! Sweet! I got the link from Mr. Puggle’s Blog!

Chicagoland Puggle Meetup Group!

So…I am THE founder of the Puggle Twibe! It’s a group of puggles and puggle enthusiasts in the twitterverse. My goal is to get EVERY puggle and puggle-lover out there in the twibe! I just figured out that as the founder, I can ADD people! I now have 34! If you or someone you know is on twitter and loves puggles–please tell them to join the twibe!

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So…mom and dad have this PAWESOME grill! We used it a lot last summer and ran out of propane :( Mom and dad FINALLY ran out to Menards to replace the tank. Oh my goodness! Yummo! They made pork last Saturday night and it was faboosh! I even got some! They made steak and shrimp last Monday and gourmet hot dogs (<–yummy, but TERRIBLE name!) last night. They let me eat some of the shrimp tails–*crunch crunch!*

Pictures coming soon!

I LOVE twitter! I have so many anipals on there now! In a perfect world I would be connected to puggles across the globe! Some of my puggle pals and I have started #itsapugglething. On twitter, you can put a # in front of a topic to keep the conversation going. There are SO many cute things we’ve shared!