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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of my new hooman and anipal friends! It has been a wonderful year, and I’m glad I have this website and twitter stuff figured out! It’s so great to be part of a community of such mutual appreciation between hoomans and animals! Happy Holidays and thank you for following me in 2009! I look forward to chatting, laughing and learning with all of you in 2010! A special thanks goes out to some of my besties in the twitterverse:


What a great weekend! I got 3 days with momma all to myself! We had some friends come over Friday night and we watched Youtube videos–my fav! Got those hoomans caught up on all the cute puggle vids out there! I got to sleep LOTS and got so much attention. I truly am blessed.

Next weekend is mom and dad’s 1st wedding anniversary! A couple of their hooman friends’ got married the same weekend so we’re all gonna go camping together! I’ll get to hang out with my buddy Aimee–the German Shepard–I’m STOKED! Perhaps I’ll get a hot dog–burnt or not, I’ll be happy!

I know my ‘rents are getting an anniversary cake–hopefully I’ll get some of that too! Dad thinks I’ve been eating too many treats lately. I have almost eaten all the treats from–I keep tellin’ him, though–they’re fresh! I have to eat them, NOW! BOL!

I’ve got a puggle twibe on twitter. I’m surprised I’m not getting more members! I want to be friends with ALL the puggles in the twitterverse!!

Mom and dad went to Coldstone Creamery tonight. They’re pretty happy. Psh. Next time they better bring me a doggy bag. BOL!

My best friend on twitter @buddythepuggy made this video! It’s so neat! Spread the loves yo! #pughug!