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So…I am THE founder of the Puggle Twibe! It’s a group of puggles and puggle enthusiasts in the twitterverse. My goal is to get EVERY puggle and puggle-lover out there in the twibe! I just figured out that as the founder, I can ADD people! I now have 34! If you or someone you know is on twitter and loves puggles–please tell them to join the twibe!

Click here to join the puggle twibe!

I LOVE twitter! I have so many anipals on there now! In a perfect world I would be connected to puggles across the globe! Some of my puggle pals and I have started #itsapugglething. On twitter, you can put a # in front of a topic to keep the conversation going. There are SO many cute things we’ve shared!


Go to or re-tweet this link to join.

I want to get ALL the puggles and puggle lovers together on my twibe! Love, #pughug and smoochies to all!

My best friend on twitter @buddythepuggy made this video! It’s so neat! Spread the loves yo! #pughug!